Portland Saturday Market

Hello All,

I am pleased to announce that we have been accepted at the Portland Saturday Market and will begin selling this weekend (if there are spaces available!). Please come by and say hi if you are in the neighborhood.


Going live

Sometimes, things happen in a manner other than how you planned.

You have an idea about how you'd like something to unfold. You think of it as a natural progression. But then something else comes, seemingly out of the blue, and you find yourself scrambling to keep it from going all pear shaped.

That is exactly what happened this past Tuesday when I received a text from my brother Wil saying that he was going to sell some bracelets and "How do you spell Stefan Merkl, again?"

But allow me to back up.

When we first created the website, it was in response to the enormously positive feedback we received from friends and family for the pieces you see on the site. They were created out of love for the craft and the pure joy in giving them away.

That quickly led to encouraging words of "making something out of it". We started to sell the pieces by word of mouth. Friends telling friends. Before we knew it, the pieces had a life of their own.

So we created the website..... and that seemed like it had settled things a bit. We continued to sell a bracelet here and there. But life kept us busy and the website lay fallow........until about a month ago.

I had been slammed with work for the entire summer and into the fall and had zero energy to put towards anything else. Then I had a lull in work, which continued for a month. That was when I realized that I should be working on the website again. So I started poking at it and made it into what you see today.

That is, until last Tuesday and Wil's fateful text. 

When he texted me that he was "going to sell some bracelets" I didn't think much of it. I thought it was kind of cute but didn't think that he was serious.

Then he texted me again:

"People can't buy anything, the check out isn't working."

That was when I had my "oh sh*t" moment and realized that he was serious and that my idea of putt-putting along was not to be. I scrambled to get the shopping cart up and running and spent the rest of the day freaked out as I watched the page hits pile up and the orders start to come in.

I have been humbled by the response.

THANK YOU all for your support. I am grateful and amazed and am looking forward to seeing where this thing ends up going.